Being a very big fan of each of these artists, the singles, and the videos themselves, I feel the need to comment on the MTV whatever video awards conflict thing. To do this I will list everything that is awesome about each of the music videos in question.

1. The video is funny.
2. The way the video is tied to the lyrics is also funny. Repeating "we are your friends" over and over while pulling hellish pranks on your pals. Funny.
1. Kanye gave himself another rad nickname... specifically for the video.
2. Pamela Anderson co-stars.
3. Kanye's limo's liscense plate says "STUNT'N".
4. I think a chick from MAD TV is in the video, which is funny to think about. Like, is Kanye a MAD TV fan? That's funny. Also, that same girl quotes a different Kanye song in this video.
5. This is a rap video with a big 70's vibe, which I'm pretty sure would be commercial suicide for most other rappers.
6. The song is about touching the sky and THE VIDEO IS ABOUT TOUCHING THE SKY.
7. There's a reference about Kanye's comments on Bush and Katrina except it's about NIXON and that's HILARIOUS.
8. There's a unique mix of the song that was done just to be used for five seconds, during the part where the screen flashes "technical difficulties." Lite rock Kanye, haaa. (Or maybe it's the original track that he sampled, but I think it's too fast for that.)
9. Lupe Fiasco works out the funk with a marching band, like a wedding-band James Brown.
10. Lupe Fiasco raps about Mum-Ra.
11. Kanye makes out with Pamela Anderson just because he CAN.
12. Kanye goes all Dr. Strangelove when he's on the rocket.
13. The scene where the rocket crashes is done with a obviously fake model, which, in the context of all these high-production values, is hilarious.
14. Kanye dies in his own video.
15. At the end of the video you realize Kanye isn't walking on the clouds because he's better than everyone else; he's walking on the clouds because HE BE DEAD.
What I'm trying to say here is that, while both of these are excellent videos, Kanye West really did get ripped off. He had the better video. Oh well.

As far as songs though, Justice and Simian win that contest by a million billion. I've heard "We Are Your Friends" while out partying twice in the last week and a half, and each time has been pure fucking dance-it-down pump-it-up ecstasy. Damn.

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Nate P. said...

8) No, it is the original track -- Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up". Which, uh, ain't exactly "lite rock".

And oh shit that cover. Oh shit.