I am going to refer to last weekend [Thursday-Sunday] simply as Justice weekend. Really, the purpose of the weekend was to make up for the fact that I will not be seeing Daft Punk at their second North American appearance in 2006, this Saturday in Miami. With that in mind I tried to come up with a more clever name for the four day period of time, but all I could come up with was "Justice for not seeing Daft Punk weekend", "It's not the end of the world but it's the Rapture weekend", and "Daft Punk is not playing at my house weekend", none of which are very good. So anyways, Justice weekend.


Justice weekend appropriately began with seeing Justice DJ at Smart Bar on Thursday night, courtesy of the fine heathens at Opaque. We got to meet up with my dudes in The Glamour to party (more on them in the future).

Some just-ok dude with a hat started the night off, but things really got going when Johnny Love got in the booth. I knew we had some overlapping tastes, but dude seriously fucked shit up with his set. It wasn't as much a blend of rock and dance songs as much as it was just dance songs that really rock. That sounds terrible. Whatever. It was a cohesive, abrasive mix of hot dance tracks. I'm really looking forward to the Guns'N'Bombs album that should be dropping soon on Kistuné. The preview we received was rockin.

Then someone introduced Justice and the French guys proceeded to blow the roof off. I can't remember all the details, but highlights included
  • Daft Punk (doy)

  • Digitalism's "Jupiter Room (Martian Assault Edit)" - It felt like I had forgotten this track had existed when it came on

  • An excellent segue from the chorus of Simian's original "We Are Your Friends" into the Justice remix, during which I went psycho

  • The creeping in and eventual closing track "Waters of Nazareth", during which I again went psycho
Anyways, I was at least a little bit surprised that a DJ set could be that much fun. And everything they played that I assume was from the forthcoming LP was great. I don't know how, but I had gotten it in my head that the new LP was supposedly "soft". That must have been a joke or something.

My one complaint is DJ Funk cutting in on the mic a little too often. I know he's important but I don't listen to or enjoy booty house, and in my opinion his quick raps over the DJ set were unnecessary. That said, the fact that DJ Funk was there is pretty cool in of itself.

Photos courtesy of Diamonds (hope that's cool Asher). More parts to come.


showtrotta said...

"...but all I could come up with was "Daft Punk is not playing at my house weekend"- I laughed my ass off at this part

Wilson. said...

Did Justice play Justin Timberlake - My Love at the smart bar? They did it hear in LA. I forget which remix, but it wasn't DFA.