FYI: Right now I am listening to this Sabbath bootleg. Unfortunately it's down now, so I guess that's not much use to anyone. Maybe you can bug that guy or me to send it to you. Probably not.

FLOSSING: Anyways the weekend was alright, although a bit of a letdown. Diplo on Friday was less than satisfying. Instead of doing an uber-hipster mash-up of great shit like he did on the Mad Decent tour this summer, dude stuck mostly to hip-hop. We weren't feeling it and left before he finished.

Flosstradamus proved to be a bit more enjoyable with an energetic opening set. It's really cool to hear hot DJ shit like this coming out of Chicago for a change. However Flosstradamus walk a very thin line between jamz and cheez, a line which they crossed back and forth many times. If Daft Punk weren't Daft Punk, I might get upset about them playing "One More Time", "Around the World", and a remix of "Prime Time of Your Life" (but it's Daft Punk, come on). And I can even get behind playing "100% Pure Love". But dance/pop/trance shit hit "Better Off Alone"? Not cool. Playing multiple tracks in that vein... worse. And one thing I don't think I will ever understand is the cross-over appeal between electro/house stuff like Daft Punk and hip-hop (ie Rick Ross). I can hear the influence in Ed Banger stuff, yes, but I don't know how house fans can get wild about new gangsta rap. Whatever; it's probably a personal problem.

Anyways I recommend checking them out if you have the chance, great stuff overall.

Saturday I skipped Dead Meadow, a decision I instantly regretted. Oh well.

BLOGGING: Two blogs I've gotten into of late: the ever-cynical Occam's Razor and the brand spankin' new Electric Zoo which, especially for being so new, has some really really good shit up.

GUITAR HEROING: I neglected to mention that I played GHII for the first time last week. It was fun but not overwhelmingly so. But yes, playing "War Pigs" was pretty kick ass. Haha Ozzy just screamed "ARE YOU HIGH? YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. ARE YOU HIGH? THAT'S BEAUTIFUL" a few times on this bootleg. Fun times.

MIXING: I am tempted to post the mix that aired on Radio K this weekend, but I have a few misgivings about it and want to redo it. But I'm also lazy so it very well may be up in a day or two.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE UPDATE: My current favorite part of TBP is actually just the single "Welcome to the Black Parade" in general. It's sequencing is more than a bit ridiculous and I'm always surprised by how much I like it.

That slow piano part intro just invites so many insults, then it builds and the ridiculous lyrics repeat. And for the kick into punk overdrive, there's no tension. They resolve the slow part and that huge drum fill just kicks it into high gear, and from there it's all business. The verse is over in a few seconds and they hit that huge chorus. By the time the bridge comes it feels like your legs are moving faster than you can handle and you're tripping down a hill until you come stumbling to the half-time breakdown, only to go into I! DON'T! CARE! and back into the biggest chorus evar.

UPDATE UPDATE: Man this bootleg is kicking. I keep asking my parents why they never went to see Black Sabbath live since they were actually alive to see them in the 70s. They just get kind of puzzled and ask me when I started liking Black Sabbath.


Jude said...

He took the Sabbath boot down?Here's what you do:

*Go to his spot on the hype machine under "blog list" + click on his site's name...
*Then, scroll to page 2 and click "listen" on the first Black Sabbath entry listed. It should pop up on a flash player, or stream it any way you prefer at the top of the page. (I did the same thing for a '79 Joe Jackson boot he posted a while back.)

Hazel said...

Pretty song that is. The first part is what I usually end up playing when I'm messing around on my keyboard trying to learn so random Evanescence song. Oh I wanted to tell you-you're famous even in here in Tallahassee one of my friends was talking about your site a few weeks ago. I didn't know it was yours. Sabbath is pretty. This is random. I'm sorry.