RADIO: I will have an exclusive mix played on Radio K this Saturday for Soulful Science. It's on from 5-7 pm central time, and you can stream it from the website.

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE UPDATE: My current favorite part of TBP is "This is How I Disappear", specifically the razor sharp guitar jabs in the hyper-dramatic, half-time bridge.

WHY BLOGS SUCK: Why is it that I read about the same goddamn shit every day, but once something important comes up there's nothing? I swear, whole albums get posted multiple times on hype machine, but I had no idea that Rub N Tug had released an entry into the Fabric Live series a few months ago. #30 to be exact. Of course everyone's all over Diplo's mix or Cut Copy's mix, but they just let this one slide. No, I have to find out from the Turntable Lab Holiday Gift Guide.

Anyways I got the mix but have yet to listen, I'll fill you in later. Also, coincidentally, Headphone Sex just put up an awesome post on Whatever We Want recs; be sure to check it.

: The timing for my trip home to Chicago this weekend is magical. Tomorrow night I get to get down to the sounds of Diplo spinning at Smartbar. Yessss.

Then omg omg omg Dead Meadow is playing Saturday night at Subterranean. Yes you can pay up the ass to see them open for the quickly diminishing Wolfmother, but this is a separate show afterwards. This band fucking rules, as I have said before, and I wonder if this will compete with their performance this summer, which remains one of my favorite shows of the year so far.

Also, I am going to buy season three of Arrested Development tomorrow. It's 10 bucks at Best Buy.

: I have to finish the Justice weekend bit. I need to give MSTRKRFT a bit more credit. I have to announce DJ related details of the next TML, a holiday party, and a New Year's eve party. I have to post a new mix. We should chat about new Spektrum and Fox n' Wolf singles. All in due time my children.

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