Information Leafblower just did his fourth annual Top 40 Bands in America panel/list. While I was glad to be a part of it again, I really think the list fell on it's face this year. It's harder to hate on than it is to be bored by it. I think the vague rule of voting for bands "you blogged most about" is what screwed it up. Since I don't post that much, my list ended up being the best U.S. bands who were active in 2006, meaning they toured and/or put out a record, but I really thought that's how everyone else would go about it. I don't know how they chose the bands they did. I actively dislike a number of bands on it, and haven't even listened to a greater number.

Also ILB says he didn't poll any "dance bloggers" or "hip-hop" bloggers. Don't know how I feel about that. For the record, my list is mostly dance-related. Don't make fun, this was impossible. How could a best of '06 list not have the Knife? Damn Americans! Here you are:

10. Secret Machines
A jam band that I don't feel bad about liking. And they tour A LOT.

9. Rub-N-Tug
Their remixes and DJ mixes are adding up to an extremely compelling, dubbed-out body of work that provides quite the mind-trip, especially compared to most other remixers tackling indie rock et al.

8.Erase Errata
The girls released their best album this year, a kinetic and thoughtful punk record, and they still have indie-dom's best rhythm section.

7. Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake makes being a mind-blowing pop star seem like nothing at all. I saw him do "SexyBack" on Leno and he basically stood there, bouncing a little, talking about how he's sexy. And it was amazing. I want that job.

6. Diplo
Brings excitement to anything he touches. Check the Mad Decent podcasts and his genre-bending, crowd-hyping DJ sets.

5. lcd soundsystem
My favorite band. The idea that 45:33 is just something to keep us busy while we wait for the next full-length is a bit ridiculous to think about, considering that it's better than pretty much any other band's records.

4. The Rapture
An obscenely fun record and the most insane live show I've seen this year.

3. My Chemical Romance
This record is so fucking awesome. Hilarious and totally rawks.

2. The DFA
Consistently the best. This year in particular featured a spacier, more psychedelic direction from the production team, the release of two excellent remix compilations, and more great work for lcd soundsystem, Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom ("Relevee" single), and more.

1. Timbaland
If you can make room for Sufjan Stevens on this list, but not Timbaland, you are certifiably insane. He's been on top of his game for years, and it seems like 2006 might have been his best year yet with amazing singles from Nelly Furtado and an incredible record from Justin Timberlake. Definitely the best music coming out of the states, pop or hip-hop, is from Timbo. Too bad the Rapture couldn't afford to have him produce any of their record; that could have been fun.


peter said...

I noticed the mistake I made with regards to quotation marks and hip-hop/dance bloggers, but I think it's funny so I'm going to leave it.

Anonymous said...

waaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaaa

stop crying.

matt said...

I like the decemberists 'cause their so much more intelligent than other bands, you know?

And how could you fail to mention Joanna Newsome, whose record "offers an endless wealth of substance, teeming with dense, well-mapped beauty" ?

Oh, damn, now I remember: because they're both boring as shit.

Jude said...

Say, Panda...

Apparently, track-by-track details of the new LCD lp 'Sound Of Silver' are up at the following address:


Sorry, no sound files.

peter said...

thanks for the heads up... found that a few days ago but goddamn I'm slow at posting