Hockey masks reduce visibility in the club to 45%. Awww yeah.

The second phase of Justice weekend was to see MSTRKRFT DJ at Smart Bar. I have my issues with the duo's original work, but I at least thought we'd have enough common musical ground for me to enjoy a DJ set of theirs.

First some wannabe hipster DJs played some ok tracks and mixed them terribly. Once they were done the two dudes got up there and proceeded to bore us to tears. I didn't know it was so hard to fuck up playing other people's music. Maybe it was just me, but the mix was a flat, boring set that went nowhere, no peaks, nothing interesting, nothing to get me moving. They didn't play a single track that I can remember. Disappointing, especially compared to Johnny Love's similar but incredibly more visceral set from the previous show. We left.

Lately I've been putting on You're A Woman, I'm A Machine again, a record I can't seem to get sick of. It's sad to compare the bass lines from DFA1979 to those on MSTRKRFT's remixes. Maybe they have a different mindset for BAND work and completely separate DANCE work. The riffs from DFA1979 were huge, fluent chunks of driving melodic, seismic force. On MSTRKFT's work, the bass is continually holding back. No more driving bass lines ripping through verse to chorus, just some stuttering notes looped over and over. Bring back the killa bass.

I still dig some of what the guys do and wouldn't be opposed to checking them out again. That b-side I heard about community or whatever is pretty decent.

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