Things I fancy at the moment:

Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future

Initially I wasn't too impressed by the first singles and demos, and then I guess I became officially interested when "Magick" came out. The album seals the deal. It's freaky and catchy and a little bit surprising and I really like it so far. Also possibly of note: James Murphy doesn't hate Klaxons.

My Chemical Romance - "Famous Last Words"

Last week this song entered my consciousness in a major way, warranting mandatory listens while stuck in my head. This week I realize it's the second single from The Black Parade. At first that's a bit puzzling, since this is the album closer. But it's epic, huge, and very dynamic, with two heart-stopping breaks. So while it's a surprise that they didn't pick one of the first few tracks on the album for the follow-up single, the choice makes sense. Watch the simple video here: MCR wax theatrical for our viewing pleasure, pyrotechnics included.

Basement Jaxx - "Take Me Back to Your House (Speaker Junk remix)"

I was going through the single releases of this track to find a remix I could play out, via a friend's request. I was happy to find a "Jaxx Club mix" of the track, because I like when artists do club mixes for their songs, because it's usually just a more DJ friendly version. And that's the case here. But then I missed this little fucker until another friend played it for me. Throbbing electro sex beats with whispered and shouted vocals. Golden, and probably an upcoming staple of my sets.

In Flagranti - Wronger Than Anyone Else

Two guys from Brooklyn, releasing stuff on their own Codek records, as well as being one of the few (only?) American acts to have stuff on Gomma. I'm pretty sure that this is a compilation of 12"s, but edited and sequenced to flow more like a mix. It might just be an album. Either way, it's too intense to listen to all at once, at least for now, but taking a few tracks at a time is insane. They just KILL it. It was released last year and I don't think I saw it on any oh six lists. Also dig the 70's porn inspired designs.

2020 Soundsystem - "Tape" - Prins Thomas remixes

Not exactly clear on the details for this. 2020 Soundsystem is a band. Prins Thomas is a cool disco dude. Here he does harder than normal edits for this band. Three of them. Not sure why. Regardless, they're good.

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Katherine said...

GROCERY SHOPPING. I'm obsessed with that song now, you know. I have about eight versions on my iPod; I shit you not.