I don't want to read about any more remixes of Justice's new single, "Phantom." I don't even really like the original one, although I wll say it is growing on me.


Ellen Allien is coming to the U.S., and because of my Ellen Allien obsessed friend I will most likely show up at Smart Bar (Friday 3/23).

In fact, dance music is finally coming to the Midwest in general. Exciting shows we know about at Smart Bar include

Alex Under (live) (3/8)
Para One with Johnny Love (3/22)
Ellen Allien (3/23)
Digitalism with Guns'N'Bombs (3/24)
M.A.N.D.Y. (4/6)
the return of Justice (4/27)

Actually, I'm just doing some thinking in print here, but we are definitely going to hit up both Ellen Allien and Digitalism, and maybe even get in for Para One if we can. That is awesome. Extremely awesome. Ok we are talking really fucking awesome.


TOO MUCH LOVE on Friday was the best it's ever been. That is, until the brand new soundsystem overheated and we had to close early. That, of course, will NOT happen in the Mainroom in February.

Check photos of the event right here at vita.mn.

Next month:


And finally, some good writing... on the internet, of all places. This month's techno column is up at Pitchfork, written by the untouchable Philip Sherburne, and it is remarkably well done. He covers new-rave without any bullshit whatsosever, which until now I thought to be impossible.

There's a bit on Fluokids about the Rex the Dog remix of The Sounds' "Tony the Beat," and for once, a blog nails it exactly right. I almost want to repost the all-caps excerpt but I won't, you can read it over there. Funny because I was going to play that track until the speakers went to shit on Friday. I should play it out within the next month however, so according to Fluokids' guidelines I'm good.

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