Check this post on the FADER blog about going to see Spank Rock on Jimmy Kimmel. He rocked it like a fey yet more girl-obsessed Kanye West. If you watch the video, yes, I'm pretty damn sure that's Typer Pope playing guitar on the side, he of !!! and (maybe ex-?) lcd sounsystem fame. Plus there's drumming and dancing.

Apparently Spank has been working with Pope lately, which is cool, if you ask me, which you implicitly are doing by reading my website. XXXChange will remain Spank's main producer for the next album, which is also cool, for we respect the ability to know one's strengths. And Spank (I love saying that) and Mr. XXXChange go together like peanut butter and something else that is also good.

Pardon me, I woke much earlier this morning than usual.

Spank Rock is trying to finish a track for the Chemical Brothers, and I swear to god if it is another song like that goddamn "Galvanize" track in all the beer commercials I will hurt somebody. I really, really hate that song.

P.S. Discobelle points to a Justice and Busy P live DJ set from, uh, last Saturday. Nice.


Alex said...

someone once criticsized (sp?) us in the european press by saying our music is "like that Q-tip song he did with the Chemical Brothers.... but not as good...try harder"

peter said...

hahaha wow... burn