I had the flu for all of last week and it sucked balls. At least I recovered in time for the mainroom debut of Too Much Love, which went swimmingly. Even with a blizzard and like a thousand fucking feet of snow, the room filled up nicely and we had a rip-roarin' time. Huh, rip-roarin', not sure where I came up with that. Props to DJ Joe Cruse and Ned from Million$ Billion$ for helping to rock the house.

New photos are up at the TML gallery, thanks mainly to this dude.

Next week we will have DJ Bach and Karl D aka Danse Komander 2010 in to DJ, as well as guest hosts Emma & Ross for MSA.

Now for some random notes:

*I will be in NYC over spring break, roughly from March 11-16. I am itching to DJ while out there so let me know if you want to work something out. I am already psyched to catch Booka Shade at Studio B, hell yeah muthafucka.

*I guess Lo-Fi-FNK canceled their Chicago show, which is bum-bum-bummer. Come on dudes, come back, we want the FNK.

*Since I am a very large dork, I found this Eric Cartman soundboard the other day. An entire minute's worth of entertainment. Actually I found it out of frustration while listening to my goddamn upstairs neighbor have hippie band practice, since we all know Cartman hates hippies.

*J. Murph blogged for the Guardian about being a frequent flier, while Guardian commenters bitched. Download the HQ-QT video for "North American Scum" at Antville.

*It was already mentioned in the comments, but Palms Out's Daft Punk sample collection is worth mentioning again. I already knew a few of these, like "Harder Better" and "Superheroes", but I had no idea about tracks from Homework and all the other samples. A truly puzzling discovery... all these songs based around other people's creative work, yet I don't think anyone else could have done what DP did to these samples.

*The New Yorker looks at The Sarah Silverman Program, which I have been following (but still need to cop last week's episode). I can't really put my finger on the show; sometimes it seems funny and sometimes it doesn't, but the general attitude of the show is somehow always entertaining.

*New York Times on The Stooges, My Chemical Romance, Ed Banger and Klaxons. The last one is Sia Michel though, so I'm not really sure if I like to count that as officially NYT or not.

*The latest Beatz by the Pound looks at Pilooski and Audion's take on Hot Chip; worth checking out. Also, thanks for the phrase "excitable bloopery."

*MTV2 fired its VJs. This makes me sad for two reasons: A) I wouldn't mind having the Subterranean host's job and B) it was sort of morbidly fun seeing that guy top himself in idiocy week after week.

*The Rapture's next video is out for the title track on their latest album.

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Martin said...

You can look forward to Booka! I saw them at Berghain, Berlin. Their live show is pretty great.