I like to consider myself a "voracious consumer of media," which means I like to explore new media and buy different magazines and such. Of course the one time I buy BPM like Deep Dish or someone is on the cover and nothing in it interests me. The current issue of BMP (yes, the one with Uffie on the cover) blew my mind. You can read the whole thing digitally on their website. It has, let's see if I can remember... a Lomo DFA tour photo spread by James Murphy, features on Kissy Sell Out, Tussle, and the Teenagers, the cover story is Ed Banger so there are interviews and bits on Busy P, Uffie, Feadz, Justice, SebastiAn, Mr Flash, DJ Mehdi, et al. And then to top it off there's an interview with the Optimo boys at the end. Jeez. If this isn't recommended reading, then nothing is.


j. bricks said...

ima ready 2 uff dat trick with my busy p

if there's any justice in the world ima ed banger nahmean

24carats said...

I gotta get that.