Resident Advisor has been one of my go-to sources for electronic music news lately. I feel like their news department is constantly getting slightly further ahead of the times, to the point where they're breaking stuff to me for the first time.

The cool new story this time is the release of Eskimo 5, mixed by our favorite dudes the Glimmers, on our beloved Eskimo Recordings. The mix opens with "Loaded" (Primal Scream, duh), contains "All My Friends," a track by Tussle, and a bunch of other tracks I want to hear. It's the Glimmers' TWENTIETH commercial mix. Keep up the mixes, but can't we get a bit more original material, too?

Other recent news stories of note include info on the Boys Noize album (which brilliantly begins, "Boys Noize is actually just one guy" - why do so few people get that right?), a new mix from Justin Martin, a bit on Felix's new LP, Hot Chip remixing Kraftwerk, and the long-awaited international release of the International Pony album.

The only major complaint I have right now for RA is that there's an RSS feed for news, but not for features, or - strangely enough - "The Feed."

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