I've decided to keep going in this direction for a while, and post more about what media I've been consuming lately.

I don't know why someone didn't tell me about it sooner, but I got into FACT magazine at the start of this year. The website itself is slightly irritating, in that there are zero RSS feeds, and I often forget to check it. But they send out weekly e-mail updates, and they absolutely have the most relevant label profiles and artist interviews around. Even some of the live reviews are insightful and worth reading.

Hopefully they'll get an RSS feed going soon, because I haven't checked the site until just recently, so I have a bit of reading to catch up on. Things I'm definitely looking forward to include a Death From Abroad label profile (FACT loves DFA), a Trouble & Bass label profile, and an interview with my current favorite Joshua Harvey, aka Herve.

I'll also be checking out this feature/interview on JD Twitch and his relationship with Os Mutantes, the Bang Gang label profile, an interview with Liars, an interview with Ewan Pearson, Riton's list of favorite German acts, and an article on my girl Rihanna.

That interview with Ewan Pearson also has info on Philip Sherburne's forthcoming release, his first single I think. I'm starting to wonder if those two are related. Pearson is a producer who also does original material, mixes and blogs... Sherburne is a techno writer who does original material, mixes, and blogs... some quality overlap business there.

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