September has been Too Much Love's best month EVA - our crazy one year anniversary party, a guest spot from Bald Eagle, and a surprise set from Diplo, all in a row (not in that order).

Don't think we're not going to end it with a bang. This Saturday, we're bringing in DJ Will Eastman who's doing a mini-tour right now. He's from D.C., where he runs the show at the monthly Bliss party.

Bliss just celebrated their 7th anniversary, which is like an eternity in dance/club culture. Past performers include Girl Talk, the Presets, the Juan Maclean, JDH and Dave P, Annie, and Flosstradamus. According to their MySpace, the agenda at Bliss is simple: get you 1) in trouble 2) intoxicated 3) in love. I'm sure he'll be brining the same goals to First Ave.

You can also check some of his remixes for download over at Brightest Young Things.

If that weren't enough, Time Squid is making his debut at the video controls this week. The visuals have been a bit lackluster in the past at TML, so trust me when I say that the shit this guy does is NUTS. You may have a bit of trouble deciding whether you want to dance or just stand and stare at the screens... but only a little bit.

P.S. I am not making any promises at all, but there is a very TML-friendly show in St. Paul on Sunday, and those people will be in town Saturday... hopefully looking for a place to party... that's all I'm going to say.

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solace said...

congrats dude.

what an insane way to cap off a year eh? :)