Saturday's Too Much Love was refreshing and incredible. I was pissed because the Disco Biscuits, quite possibly the worst band ever and very high on my list of mortal enemies, pushed our start time back an hour and a half, despite our having to close at 2 instead of 3. People filed in to First Ave only to stand around and watch loser hippie roadies meticulously and slowly pack up the Disco Biscuits' gear and stoner-heaven light show.

But we hit the ground running, and myself and my friends the Moon Goons and Jonathan Ackerman & Scott Butters fucking rocked the faces off of more than 1,000 kids. It was, like I said, incredible.

The highlight of the night was closing my set with Shinichi Osawa's cover of the Chemical Brothers' "Star Guitar". I never would have thought that the song needed a cover, or that a cover could actually improve on the original, which was sort of unremarkable to begin with (outside of the Gondry directed video). But hearing that track on a huge system with all those people dancing was some serious next-level, raver epiphanie kind of shit. I highly recommend it.

Shinichi Osawa - "Star Guitar"

And I'm sure there are already a number of blogs that did this already - but what the hell, for comparison...

The Chemical Brothers - "Star Guitar"

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