Friday night marks the debut of the Clapperclaw Festival, a new Twin Cities alternative media festival. It should prove to be an interesting event, with a lot of promising local talent booked (including yours truly, natch). It starts off Friday at 9 p.m. at Sound Gallery (414 3rd Ave N, right above DEFI).

From the City Pages:

The inaugural lineup for the Clapperclaw Festival has set the bar decidedly high for the years to come. Touted as an eclectic mix of local and emerging national bands, artists, and theatrical performance, with a bit of fashion tossed in to round things out, this two-day festival (Friday evening and all day Saturday) promises to be, at the least, one of the most interesting events of the year. Highlights include Fort Wilson Riot, fresh off of the enormous success of their album/theater hybrid project Idigaragua, the punk/thrash/psych ward escapee audio/visual assault of Madison's Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons, local Moon Safari-era Air-heads Estate, the haunting, Morricone-influenced Spaghetti Western String Company, and Minneapolis DJ-of-the-moment Soviet Panda.

DJ-of-the-moment. Haha, nice one CP! You crazy guys. I play at 1 a,m. on Friday (tonight). Check out the website and MySpace for more info. Ticketes are cheap considering how many people are involved. Hope to see you there.

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