I'm leaving for a week in Jamaica tomorrow morning. I don't know what my internet access is going to be like, so this may be my last post for a while, we'll see. In honor of that, here's the song I appropriately can't get out of my head.

Led Zeppelin - "D'yer Mak'er"
[YSI] [DivShare]

So a week away in the sun. But what a weekend I'm missing!

The biggest thing is this week's Too Much Love, which promises to be zany to the max, as usual. DJ STV SLV from the sensational Chicago blog the Hood Internet will be laying down a very special guest DJ set. The HI's trademark blend of the indiest of indie rock with the crunkest of hip-hop has been featured on Pitchfork repeatedly, and promises to be a fun time for all.

Also in town for the holidays is the extremely talented Willy Joy of Fly By Night - this cat always annihilates it when he plays, so don't sleep! Curating the whole thing in my place will be Twin Cities wunderkind Jonathan Ackerman. 10 p.m., 18+, $3, free with student ID, you know the drill. Don't forget to ask Ackerman about the after-party too, which will be bonkers.

Tonight, be sure to stop by the VIP room for Honeymoon V, hosted by my compatriots in the Moon Goons. $3 gets you in, but $10 gets you in plus a free limited-edition t-shirt. My bol Mike 2600 is playing, and Adam from Chromatics will be dropping a guest set too. He's probably just as likely to play gangsta rap as Italians' stuff, so check it out and let me know what happens.

One more party of note - if you're in the Chi this weekend, definitely don't miss out on the coming together of Prime Time of Your Life and Life During Wartime at Darkroom for - that's right - Prime Time of Your Life During Wartime. All the regs will be coming together - Bald Eagle, Mother Hubbard, Poptastic and Mister Wolf - plus very special guests JDH and Dave P from the outstanding Making Time party. Yow.

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