Many thanks to Eamon Harkin for coming up and rocking faces at Too Much Love this past Saturday. This was one of my definite all-time-favorite TML sets, as he played a great, great mix of new disco - all on vinyl! - plus threw a few curveballs in there, including the original "Star Guitar" (still vinyl!), Moby (!), and this...

Sons & Daughters - "Dance Me In (JD Twitch And The Truffle Club Optimo Mix)"

#1. I haven't heard this song in years.
#2. I had no idea there was an Optimo mix.
#3. Fucken sweet.

Be sure to check out all the great stuff Eamon is doing and, of course, the FUN party at Studio B. Stay tuned for his mix to turn up on the podcast, which will officially relaunch after New Year's. Cheers!

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