1. The Black Ghosts - LP
This album is supposedly finished and I can't wait to see what's on it and finally hear it. The Black Ghosts were, in my mind, underrated and one of the best singles band of 2007 with "Some Way Through This", "Any Way You Choose To Give It", "I Want Nothing", and the Switch remix of "Face". I've started to assemble playlists of tracks from all their different releases and I'm very excited.

2. The Kills - Midnight Boom (Domino)
My favorite band produced by one of my current favorite producers, XXXChange. He says that the slower tracks turned out best.

3. Hercules & Love Affair - s/t (DFA)
I finally obtained a hi-fi copy of "Blind" featuring Antony. I waited to listen to it until I played it out at First Ave on Saturday. It sounded like god. It's the only track I've ever played twice in a set. That's how good it is. Can't wait for the LP which is supposedly life-changing.

4. Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal - LP (Domino)
These guys consistently put out bangers, but also often manage to surprise, so I'm especially anxious to hear how they go about making a full length instead of just a 12" or remix.

5. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (Modular)
I was very surprised that "Hearts on Fire" wasn't on way more best of lists for 2007. It was definitely in my top 3 tracks of the year. Their first album always kind of underwhelmed me, but this Goldsworthy-produced long player shouldn't disappoint.

6. The Juan Maclean - "Happy House" or anything else (DFA)
I'm sick of reading about this track; I want to fucking hear it!

7. Dead Meadow - Old Growth (Matador)
This and a number of other records on this list have already leaked, but I'm waiting for hi-fi copies to come out and/or the right moment to listen to them. Dead Meadow added a fourth member for their last one and lost that fourth member before this one, so it might sound a bit different than Feathers, an album I adore.

8. Hot Chip - Made In The Dark (EMI)
Hearing a lot of mixed stuff about this one. I like "Shake A Fist" and "Ready for the Floor" but I guess I'm not totally nuts about them.

9. Black Mountain - In The Future (Jagjaguwar)
I will see this band at the 7th St. Entry for the third time on March 24th, and I can't wait. Fucking love this band.

10. The Futureheads - LP (Longest Mile)
Supposedly one of those "return to form" albums, released on their own label. Let's hope so.

11. Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree
I'm actually nervous to listen to this one. I felt that Black Cherry made a lot more sense in context after hearing Supernature, so I'm sort of disappointed to hear they're ditching the glam.

12. R.E.M. - Accelerate (Warner Bros.)
I'm actually one of those people who LIKED Monster, so I want to hear this.

13. Deerhunter - Microcastle (Kranky)
I was extremely surprised, but despite Pitchfork constantly over-selling this band, Cryptograms was one of my hands-down favorites for last year. Maybe this will be as good.

14. Be Your Own PET - Get Awkard (XL)
I'm not sure why this band doesn't seem like my thing, but they don't, and they are. I would marry Jemina Pearl. Just sayin'.

15. Foals - Antidotes (Sub Pop)
I avoided these guys for a really long time, but when I finally heard them, ahhh they ain't so bad. Maybe they won't start sucking big time like Bloc Party. Gosh I'm eloquent.


nyteowl said...

hey dude,

so, what I think is Black Ghosts were some of the most underated remixers of 2007. We all know they had great remixers... but every single remix they did was so tight... they weren't like peak mixes but they were good for a mid part of the set...really solid production. I DJ'd almost all of them. the only I didn't really care for was 5:55..because I have the hots for charlotte gainsbourg and her voice...and simon lord sang over it when I would rather hear her alone...just my 2 cents.

anyway, BG also had some great remixers, oh yeah. FACE was one hell of a remix package. charlie fanclub, deboyar, SWITCH, man they lined it up (even me but mine sucked..like my second remix ). fake blood, boy 8 bit for other releases... great 2007 for their singles.

Really looking forward to cut copy. those aussies can do no wrong nows a days. I like their "banger-less" sound. they support their talent in Australia too - and that's admirable. I love australia at the mo' (that's how they say at the moment...)

see you.. keep bloggin

jon jon said...

wow. REM?