I'm wearing that "Acid Haus" t-shirt today, which would imply some 303 love - but today we are all about the 808. Last Saturday I was joined at Too Much Love by the one and only Mike the 2600 King. He played Sheryl Crow. It was a giant WTF moment, but as usual, from Mike, a very well crafted WTF. I was talking to someone and started nodding my head to the song, simultaneously thinking, "I have heard this song a ton of times" and "I have not heard this song in a long time." And then I realized it was Sheryl Crow and my brian exploded a little.

Anyways... a gift from Mike today to celebrate the date. At first I thought it was a mix but it's not. Behold:
In honor of today's date, I've upped a few tracks featuring the greatest drum machine ever - the Roland TR-808...

Freestyle "It's Automatic"
Tuff Crew "Gimme Some"
Public Enemy "Power to the People"
Sypder-D "Smerphie's Dance"
2 Live Crew "Mr. Mixx on the Mixx"
Egyptian Lover "Girls"
Beastie Boys "Hello Brooklyn (demo version)"
Knab them here. Thanks Mike!

Be sure to come down to TML on Saturday as I am joined by very special guests Get Cryphy! aka Jimmy2times and Plain Ole Bill.  Get hype!

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