Here's some more of that real bloggin shit.

  • One of my current absolute favorite DJ/producers, XXXChange, did a crazy film-themed mix a while ago for Shilo. To balance things out, he just posted a mix of "what I actually do when I deejay at parties and stuff." I'm thrilled to see a Black Ghosts track I still play out regularly, the Kills, and "Alive."

  • Roctakon gets fucked up and makes a mix at home.

  • Fader posts their feature on Little Boots (above), plus her newest promo mix.

  • My buddy Mike the 2600 King has a hot new graphic design/inspiration blog running entitled So Much Pile Up.

  • Here's a sneak preview of CR Blog The Mighty Book of Boosh, based on one of my favorite obessions, The Mighty Boosh on the BBC. You need to know who Old Gregg is.

  • Here's an odd one - Foals' Edwin Congreave talks about his love for Supersoul Recordings and reviews the new 2CD techno compilation licensed to DFA.

  • Beta Blog has a fascinating interview up with Public Enemy bassist Brian Hardgroove. Hardgroove talks about his experiences with China - performing, producing punk bands, Bjork, and politics.

  • "The future is bright, I am about to go into the studio with HervĂ© to work on a project called "Firebeaters" which is mostly going to be fun stuff for DJs and ravers." -Martelo, Santogold's tour DJ

  • Forbes does a video interview with Turntable Labs [sic].
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