Fight All Night

Thanks to Midnight Energy for turning me on to this Cooly G mix of Ke$ha.  It sounds like Green Velvet relapsing in a small metal room in London and holding club kids ransom for drug money.

Cooly G is a UK producer who has been on a roll lately.  She's associated with the UK funky movement but apparently doesn't associate herself with the genre.  After reading this XLR8R feature on UK funky and dubstep, I've found this quote from Geeneus particularly helpful when thinking of the UK's consantly mutating dance music genres:
“Things come back around, and even though funky is called funky, really you could say it's not that much different from garage,” offers Geeneus. “It's just another full circle. With America, hip-hop is hip-hop, and even though the music changes and new sounds and people come into it, the flow remains hip-hop. But in the U.K., as soon as something new comes along, it’s like, “Oh, that's new music—let's call it a new name!” when really, it's all the same thing. We just progress along. So I'm doing funky, Skream's doing dubstep, Wiley's doing grime, but we're all together. We're all on the same radio station, we all come from the same place, and we've all got the same influences. It's really all part of the same continual flow.”
For more Cooly G, check out last week's podcast for XLR8R. It drifts in and out of different textures and percussive motifs and makes for a refreshing listen. She also has my favorite moniker in recent memory.

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