Too Much Love and Sovietpanda are proud to be part of Bassgasm, a dance event taking over the enitirety First Avenue this Friday. Legendary techno producer/DJ/promoter Woody McBride has put together this insane event, cramming headliner DJs and tons of extra sound into literally every room at First Avenue, which promises to transform the club into an electronic music circus.

Especially of note is headliner Derrick Carter, one of the forefathers of Chicago house and a real hero for house music DJs and fans, rocking on the massive soundsystem being brought into the mainroom. Every room at First Ave wil be a party, upstairs and downstairs, so this is definitely a don't miss event. It goes all night, and tickets are only $15 in advance from First Avenue.

For more information about this epic event, read this interview with Woody McBride over at City Pages.

Also check out some interviews and mixes from guest DJs over at the BLACK blog.

BASSGASM • The Electronic Music & DEEJAY Super Event!
Friday February 19, 2010
Music plays from 6 PM to 2 AM non-stop on 5 Stages
18+ Event
Easy Parking and Great Food in and around club
World Class Venue and Line-Up!

Derrick Carter • Dieselboy w/ MC Messinian • DJ Spree w/ MC ADB • Attack People ft. Dustin Zahn & Ian Lehman • DJ Vaski • James Patrick • Detroit Techno Militia • Rebecca Ciaglia • DJ ESP aka Woody McBride and 20+ more performers to include Sovietpanda, Jeff Hunter, Aktif, DJ Easyrider, Aaron Bliss, James Oblivion, Trish Dish, Ascension, Bobblehead, Josh G, Lil' Aaron, Hotdish ft. J. Matthews & Nate Laurence, Fleshdiver aka Genome, Kevin King, Alaya, DJ Werk, DJ Bent, Reverend Zed, Mental Floss, Chris J, NRG 1 and Climatic.

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