In The Clouds

Wurst Music has recently joined Soundcloud, and upped some mixes for your pleasure.  Included are My Cousin Roy's excellent XLR8R Podcast, a Ulysses Psummer Psyche out, and the unearthed first Pop Your Funk mix from Brennan Green, way back from 2003.

Mixes by thewurst

Also relatively new to Soundcloud are some live mixes from Dr. Dunks, a.k.a. Eric Duncan of Rub-N-Tug and Still Going, a.k.a. C.O.M.B.i.  Here's his recent set at FK's Deep Space, or hit his page for a live set from subMercer last month.  Both are deep.

DrDunks aka Eric Duncan @ DeepSpace NYC June 28 2010 by DrDunks

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