If you weren't at the Secrets of Stylish Women show last night, you missed out. They, like, broke all their stuff. Princess was good too but I'm too lazy to find a link. Pictures forthcoming.

Vice on how to DJ, Death from Above 1979. I really want to fucking DJ, I have too many CDs as it is. Hire me I dare you. I will work your par-tay for free. And in case you didn't know, I've been listening to Death from Above 1979 pretty much non-stop for the past few MONTHS. I anxiously await purchasing their new 7" single, and eventually they have an album coming out. I forget what it's called.

Village Voice on the Secret Machines. Why no make sense any?

CNN interviews Robert Smith of the Cure. ... wtffffffffffffffff.

A note to all these new-fangled websites that link to me: thank you SO MUCH. You are hard to keep track of! I will eventually read all of you, link all of you, and attempt to make contact. Keep on truckin'.

It's not on the calendar, but the new line-up of Erase Errata and Mahjongg play the Fireside tomorrow night. Should be a fun fun fun show. My brother Ben has seen Mahjongg play twice, and not on purpose. Of their performances, he essentially said, "Each time I saw them I hated them. But looking back on them, they were freaking awesome." Someone leave a comment with links, I am so lazy and hater-ful today.

Also you may not be able to view this, but Jay pointed it out. WHAAAAAA?

There's no good way to link to this just yet. Fiery Furances feature on Neumu.

HEY WHOA. There is a video for "Y-Control"? And I didn't know? I wish I had flash and real player at work... must get home...

Libertines American tour dates

Details on new live Strokes album


Douglas Reinhardt said...

the death from above album is called, "you're a woman, i'm a machine".

Anonymous said...

mahjongg are awesome, i loved them when i saw them. their website is http://arc6ery.com/ but it is weird and hard to read.

Anonymous said...

yeah so the y control video is freaky...a bunch of kids all dressed up and violent...with karen o prancing around. i'd expect nothing less from the beloved yyys. what did you think of it mr peet-hair? -kb

bidi said...

MAHJONGG IS MADE OF GENII. ALL OF THEM. -- as if i haven't already told you atleast ten billion times, haha.

ps - moving units' Dangerous Dreams has leaked out. search and you shall find. no, i ain't on the drugs.