The conclusion of counting down the year's best music videos:

5. Kanye West - Touch The Sky

Reasons why this video is awesome can be found here.

4. The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health & Silent Shout

The Knife get to have a combined entry, otherwise they'd take over a ridiculous portion of this top ten list. They released the most brilliant album of the year, and accompanying that album is an ever growing set of brilliant videos.

"We Share" is everyone's favorite, I think, with stark red, white and black animations of birds and heads and surgery and S&M and blood. You know, happy thoughts. My personal favorite is the clip for "Silent Shout." Like the rest of the videos for this record, it works as a sort of demented, engaging and scary visualizer for the track, but I think the one for "Silent Shout" really takes it to another level. It seems to fit the track perfectly. And it freaks me out.

Other videos from the record include the chase-scene antics of Like A Pen and the wtf animals of Marble House.

3. The Horrors - Sheena is a Parasite

The entirety of this song and video combination is just so in-your-face ridiculous and terrifying that it makes both incredibly more memorable than one might first expect. My favorite parts include the bassist who just plays two notes and the drummer who looks like a chipmunk from Alvin and the Chipmunks.

2. Klaxons - Magick

Here's one of those perfect cases where the video and the song each make the other better. It fits perfectly, and a video this visceral just increases the listener's connection to the song. Definitely my favorite of all the Saam directed videos.

1. The Presets - Are You the One?

You might just want to watch this before you read anything I write about it.

I laugh at every single part of this video every time I see it. It is so dense and layered and hilarious and intricate and detailed, and I don't understand where almost all of the ideas came from. Why is there a mechanical spider with a mustache at the end? Every part of the video gets me every time. Anything else I say is just going to be redundant; this may be my favorite video ever. Maybe I'll do a shot by shot analysis in the future.


His Whoreness said...

the van she remix of are you the one is a better effort than the original - like the tampon ads of old, this time it comes with infectious handclapping

peter said...

I actually think the Van She remix is pretty awful, all in all. Plus the original has BETTER handclaps in it.

travis said...

the original is as good as it gets. it is all about the handclaps.

my son watches the video for "are you the one" every single day before going to school. it has become ritual.