Minneapolis/St. Paul, your next monthly installment of TOO MUCH LOVE is coming up fast. We will again be throwing down like none other in the First Ave VIP room this Friday night at 10. My friend Karl will be opening, I'll be rocking the middle, and closing out the night will be my dudes from Milwaukee, The Glamour.

The Glamour are essentially doing the same thing we are, just one state over. Head over to Diamonds' blog to check out their Mix Oh Six. And yes, it starts out with T. Rex. The night is going to be memorable, to say the least. You people don't understand how hard I'm going to rock it. Rock rock. Rock.

Look for bits on TOO MUCH LOVE at the end of the week in the Star Tribune and vita.mn, since I've been chatting with Tom Horgen over the past week.

On Tuesday night I DJed at swanky new bar Clubhouse Jager in North Minneapolis. The place has a really cool vibe going, as well as a smoking area in back (shhh) and ridiculous drink specials. I should be there again sometime in the near future, so stay tuned.

Also, I will be DJing in the First Ave Mainroom on New Year's Eve, so look for more details on that soon, too.

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