I was first into the idea of Escort after I heard "Starlight" for the first time a few months ago, a very nice piece of real live disco with just enough edge to keep coming back to it. More so, I was into the idea of seeing a live 16-piece, multi-ethnic, full-on-disco collective out of Brooklyn.

But now we have Escort's third single, "A Bright New Life", and holy shit - here we go. Finally, a stand-out single for 2007, easily one of the year's best. Bouncing bass, killer vocal melodies, more female authority than Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" and the best (dare I say, brightest) disco ensemble you're going to hear this decade. You should really check it out. The Morgan Geist re-edit is choice as well.

Now I'm looking forward to the band's fourth single, backed by a remix from the Rapture, after which they're going into hibernation to record their - gasp - album.

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nyteowl said...

pretty cool track. I would love to get a hold of the drums and vocals of that one