A rundown of some things I've been up to lately...

Last Saturday's Too Much Love was off the heezy thanks to an un-fuck-with-able set from our special guests Tactic. These dudes straight killed it with a house-y tracklist of new and old bangers. Hope to have them back soon and party with them more in the future.

Be sure to check out their new mix "We've Only Just Begun", and their remix of Blaqstarr, out on Mad Decent, which is available for download at Turntable Lab.

Clapperclaw was the Friday before, and was a pretty cool event. I bet if they had advertised the open bar they would've gotten some more customers, but that's how they usually do it at Sound Gallery so I should have seen it coming. I got to see a tight set by local band Mystery Palace, including a great cover of ZZ Top's classic "Legs" to soundtrack the fashion show that went down.

After Mystery Palace, myself and my dude DJ Talk Radio played a high energy set to those who stuck around. It's always fun to try out new DJ set ups, and we played really well off of each other. Thanks to all involved, and hopefully it'll return next year. Check out more photos here.

Then two Saturdays ago, Mike 2600 and I threw down at Too Much Love, and we were joined by the extremely lovely Shadowscene. Unfortunately we ran into technical problems with the club, and had to give up our usual DJ booth in the middle of the floor. It was still a fun time, and many thanks to the Shadowscene peeps for coming out.

Be sure to check out more of their photos from TML, except for the one of me since I look like complete shit after stressing over the set-up.

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