This Beatportal interview with dance music pioneer Greg Wilson is pretty great:
You are a figure associated with vinyl purism and also re-edits, so what do you think of the idea of disco downloads? With nu-disco being driven by digital as well as by vinyl?

I wouldn’t say I was a vinyl purist.  It’s not so much about the format for me, but the quality of the music played, whether this is via turntables, CDJs or laptop.

We can never go back to how things were, nor should we want to - I don’t like nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake, although it’s important to learn from the past if you really want to approach the future from a position of true understanding.

I’m excited about the way things are nowadays, it’s a very open time for music.  People consume music much differently to the way they did when I was younger, but that’s OK as far as I’m concerned.  Things can’t remain static - the moment people start wishing themselves back to the old days is the moment they start to grow old.

It’s not enough to just respect that past, you must also respect the future and the people who are shaping it.

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