I haven't been posting much lately, and I definitely haven't been posting about shit I've been doing, which is sad since I've been doing a lot lately. Let's try and run this down, backwards-chronological style... also, someone needs to remind me to bring my camera places. Ferrealz.

Sat 5/12
Too Much Love: I played disco. Mr. The Nightfox came and did his Ableton thing on the dancefloor. I almost threw a bottle at him when he popped TML's "Killing in the Name" cherry, but other than that, no riot. Then Jonathan Ackerman & Scott Butters absolutely killed it til the end of the night. Dem's all mah boys.

Fri 5/11
Someone at Foundation really has their wits about them and is letting Mr. Ackerman bring in talent to the Deep Lounge at Foundation. On this lovely evening it was none other than Mr. Bird Peterson. He wiped the dancefloor with our lovely faces ("Wu Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fuck wit"). Then we went and had really, really good sandwiches.

Wed 5/9
I was working on papers, awaiting the !!! and Flosstradamus show later that night, when I got a phone call. Floss had cancelled last minute (lame), so I opened the night with an hour set on stage at the Fineline. (It was sort of funny, since my first major DJ gig was at the Fineline almost a year ago, where I opened with a !!! remix.) I played a good, varied set. People finally started dancing for the last 2o minutes or so (I would have been interested to see if they'd have been so reluctant if Flosstradamus was playing instead).

Then !!! came on and KILLED it. They are one of the few working bands really taking their show to the next level, where you can tell they take their job seriously and put a real effort into it. It was incredibly satisfying. Tyler Pope, recently let go from LCDSS, did electronics and guitars like the band's angstful teenager, setting off the set with a huge electronic jam on one of their album tracks. Justin, the dude behind the mixer from Out Hud, played a mean bass, especially on "Must Be The Moon." Jerry from The Juan Maclean's touring band was on drum duty, since the tall guy is getting married, and that guy can really fucking nail it. Nic Offer has perfected his white boy dance moves. And maybe best of all is the female singer they brought with on tour, who was so good that even "Dear Can" became an exciting song. They were totally channeling some early 80's NY post-punk band from the future. Go see 'em.

Also, thanks to Pound for Pound for the shout out; that cat is really on top of his shit!

Sat 5/5
Too Much Love: Cinco de Mayo ended up being ccrraaaazy. Mike the 2600 King played his debut set for the night, and that kid really fucking tears it up. We had a record turnout for the night and people were raving it up until after 3 a.m. I can't wait to have him back.

Wed 5/2
I went to see Air at First Ave. Extremely competent and rather boring. I'm not sure how one could justify paying 30 dollars to fall asleep in a packed club, but whatever. Read this hilariously terrible photo essay if you feel like you missed out. LOLZ!

Sat 4/28
Too Much Love was graced with the presence of one Mr. The Juan Maclean. Despite the airline's best efforts to lose his records, he came through and did a rocking set for the night. I wasn't sure what to expect, but The Juan is a pro and his set was great. The only problem was when he yelled at me for playing too many records from his set beforehand. Too Much Overlap! I don't think he'll forgive me for stealing Escort, but at least he got to spin the new Reverso 68.

Fri 4/27
Another evening in the Deep Lounge courtesy of J. Ackerman. This time I got to spin (for a sadly sized crowd), before Ian Hixxx of Chicago got on the decks and the room filled up. I was glad to meet him; he's a great, great DJ and a lovely fellow to boot. Hopefully he'll be coming through for TML at some point. Also, mad props for introducing me to the Smith + Hack remix of Herbert, which I am obsessed with (as well as a number of other DJs, I'm noticing).


Shit, and that's just the beginning! Look for a whole slew of new shit this summer, it's going to be insane...

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